Faith and religion are of immense importance to the peoples of the world. Believing in not just a mystique but a higher power – a source of hope – provides people a haven of peace amidst the troubles of everyday life. This faith and religion often blend into everyday lives as ritualistic actions become routine. And in turn, this routine becomes an invisible safety net holding together entire communities.

Faith and hope bring people together. Communities gather at these “Sacred Sites” and share a moment of peace. In these instances, mundane-seeming objects such as candles, incense, or messages written on pieces of paper become symbols. Symbols of ideas such as serenity, equality, and peace.

These religions, these beliefs, this faith – have been passed over, generation after generation for centuries. And even after the death of generations, and the change of landscape, the symbols still stand. Faith never fades.

Faith can come from within oneself, or from a sincere belief in a higher being, spirit, or power around and above us. These photographs invite the audience to think about the various religions of the world and the symbols – the faith they share. In modern times, dialogue and respect between people and religions is called upon.

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