In the dark hours of twilight, the human eye often sees more than the camera is able to capture. The film’s limited ability to separate contrasts simplifies the subject. A long exposure time changes its colour reproduction. The resulting images are almost two-dimensional. Some of the colour fields even turn monochromatic.

Ulla Shemeikka’s seashore landscapes are mysterious and magic. At the same time nature is not idealised.  There are seasons here, different times of day, the first soft pink rays of sunrise and the last drops of rain. She gets closer to her subjects and investigates details in such accuracy that sometimes there are only colourful dots left in the pictures. While these pictures are truly photographic, they are also deeply metaphysical. The organic energy of the object is captured, yet its secrets remain protected. The meditative mood reminds us of the irrevocable progress of time, leaving its marks on solid rocks as well as on our aging skin.

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